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Salad Bowl

Salad Bowl

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All our salads include a bed of fresh greens topped with, cucumber, tomatoes, onions and your choice of;

- Vedi Marinated potato salad - our own spiced and slow roasted potatoes
- Seasoned Scrambled Tofu salad - our special seasoned tofu served with a garlic and hummus dressing 
- Sharwama Chickpea - spiced chickpeas drizzled with a garlic hummus dressing
- Veg Curry of the day – The veg curry of the day served with a yoghurt dressing
- Mix Veg Bhaji – Our signature mixed veg bhajis served with a tamarind dressing
- Chickpea Tuna Mayo & Sweetcorn – Homemade Chuna mayo & sweetcorn served with a garlic hummus dressing

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